I love my phone. It feeds me news, connects me to my family and friends and allows me to search and find any relevant information 24/7. My phone is my camera, calculator, calendar, watch, health coach, weather man, TV and radio. But checking something on my phone sometimes takes more time than I want. While checking my mail, I casually click on Facebook or Instagram, just for fun or out of curiosity. Does this sound familiar? There’s even a word for it: phubbing.

Forest is an app on your phone that keeps you from seeking distraction. When you want to concentrate, you can plant a virtual tree and while you stay away from apps other than Forest, your tree will grow and prosper. It sounds like a simple reward, but somehow the gamification is just right and it works! So next time you need to make your deadline, try to keep focussed with Forest. It is available for iOS and Android.


Forest app