Generating ideas usually isn’t such a problem for me. On the contrary, I sometimes deliberately hold back and avoid sharing the many sparkles of my mind, as other people sometimes mistake them for solutions when all I”m doing is thinking out loud. Most innovative products are the result of an innovation process which started with many, collaboratively generated ideas stacked on top of each other instead of that one brilliant first thought.
With Accept Mission, a new tool & game developed by Creatieve Koppen, you can create an online brainstorm with people participating in their own time, on their own device. Participants vent their ideas anonymously (as undercover avatars) and discuss and rate the ideas of others without fear of being criticised. Engagement is triggered by scoring points. This not only seems effective, but also a lot of fun.
I’m currently looking into an opportunity to try this out, as Accept Mission offers a free trial with limited participants and features!
Check out the demo video: