During my weekly trendwatching round I came across the FOSTER portal.
The FOSTER portal is an e-learning platform with training resources for those who need to know more about Open Science, or need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows.

They recently published a very interesting article /manual about how to organize your own Open Science Café with all the necessary tools, how to set-up instructions etc. The main goal of the Open Science Café is to connect the different stakeholders as they are listening and sharing thoughts in a roundtable conversation initiated by statements on a set of cards. Such a great idea!Photo credit:fosteropenscience.eu

Below you can find the link to the original article written by Martine Oudenhoven and everything you need to organize your own Open Science Café.

Source: Organise your own Open Science
Foster portal: https://www.fosteropenscience.eu