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Blockchain “(r)evolution” – in academia? 

Today, 6th of December, TU Delft hosted the Blockchangers Tech Deep Dive, an event for software developers interested in meeting developers from leading blockchain platforms: Mattereum, Bitcoin, BigchainDB, Hyperledger, IBM, Microsoft, IOTA and Parity. Most of us heard of Bitcoin and probably of blockchain. What is the difference? Blockchain is a technology that seems to..

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Recommended: “Why do they come? The Library as place and brand”

Why the students come to the Library? Why don’t they stay at home and study? Is a library without books still a library? Why are the User Experience (UX) methods and research so important for the libraries? These are few of the many interesting question that Cristian Lauersen (director of Roskilde University Library) asks in his..

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Soms komen trends bij elkaar. SemanticScholar is hier een mooi voorbeeld van. Het combineert data mining, natural language processing en artificial intelligence om uit de almaar groeiende hoeveelheid publicaties datgene te vinden wat het meest relevant is. SemanticScholar is gemaakt door AI2 en biedt een non-profit platform dat het mogelijk maakt om te zoeken naar..

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