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The battle between fake and factual news

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”, said Edward Osborne Wilson, an American entomologist and a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. [1] While we are being overwhelmed by information on a daily basis, the spread of false or manipulated information is dominating media and conversations. Misinformation is everywhere and it is hard..

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The open access road to content

While nowadays there is a lot of content being published open access, 45% more than in 2015 (Alperin 2017), there is still a lot of scientific literature subscription based, behind the paywall. This year, the gap between content discovery and its access shrunk substantially. Due to initiatives from organizations or publishers, different solutions were launched..

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Smart Campus, voor het gemak

Verleden jaar werd de TUDelft Library vereerd met Deens bezoek, waarbij Lars Binau vertelde over de Smart Library als onderdeel van de Smart Campus van DTU (Technical University of Denmark) [1]. Onderdeel van dit project is het gebruikt van sensoren die in de lampen zijn ingebouwd, wat natuurlijk heel slim is. Lampen zijn doorgaans overal..

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