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Soms komen trends bij elkaar. SemanticScholar is hier een mooi voorbeeld van. Het combineert data mining, natural language processing en artificial intelligence om uit de almaar groeiende hoeveelheid publicaties datgene te vinden wat het meest relevant is. SemanticScholar is gemaakt door AI2 en biedt een non-profit platform dat het mogelijk maakt om te zoeken naar..

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TNW Europe (part 4), Future UI as Professional Superpower

The 11th annual TNW Conference Europe took place on May 26 & 27 in Amsterdam. Described, as “The most intimate technology festival on the planet” by CNBC, over the years TNW Conference has become one of the leading technology events in the world. It’s organized by Dutch based online media company The Next Web and brings..

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Visual Search technology and collection browsing

If you have a Pinterest account you probably observed that recently a novel search technology was introduced that complements the normal text search: it is a image recognition search tool that lets you select an object in an image and gives you search results with similar objects. The new visual search tool is powered by..

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