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Recommended: “Why do they come? The Library as place and brand”

Why the students come to the Library? Why don’t they stay at home and study? Is a library without books still a library? Why are the User Experience (UX) methods and research so important for the libraries? These are few of the many interesting question that Cristian Lauersen (director of Roskilde University Library) asks in his..

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Snapshot: A Cambridge user experience (UX) study

Snapshot is a very interesting and highly detailed user experience (UX) study conducted by Andy Priestner and David Marshall from the Futurelib innovation programme at the Cambridge University Library. The main objective of this project was to explore and uncover the research and information behavior of the postdocs and PhD students. The team used a ‘cultural probe’ as..

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UXLib II conferentie; een kleine impressie

Eind juni heb ik de UXlibs (User eXperience in libraries) conferentie bezocht. Deze 2de editie van UXLib vond plaats in thestudio , een multi-purpose gebouw met prachtig ontworpen conferentieruimtes in het hartje Manchester (UK). Er waren ongeveer 150 collega’s uit verschillende landen aanwezig. De oprichter van deze conferentie is Andy Priestner. Hij werkt momenteel als..

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